Jörg Zenker

Jörg Zenker

Bio: American born artist Jörg Zenker spent ten years living in Belgium until moving to Munich Germany in 2008. After working in International Business and earning his MA in European Studies he decided to follow his heart and dedicate time to the arts.
Since that change he has studied traditional oil painting techniques at the Van der Kelen Academy and figure drawing and ceramics at the Academy Anderlecht in Belgium as well as taken private lessons with several Belgian artists.
His work is primarily figurative and is inspired by the people and art he encounters from his part time work as a tour director taking him throughout Europe. He finds this a beneficial professional combination and way to bring real life into the studio.

Art: “I want my work to speak for itself. But I also like to talk about it so… When I paint, the elements of realism, just as in life, are boundaries to the curiosities, dreams and spirit. Sometimes reality is a cage, sometimes a foundation, mostly something in between. I search through using different mediums ways to express my inner life. My work is how I perceive myself to be bumping against reality at that moment or period.” -Jörg Zenker

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